As well as providing our PBT tool, we also offer a series of services to ensure the success of run periods: professional support guaranteeing the operational success of your policy implementation.

We understand that not all organisations have the same requirements, so our different reporting categories allow us to tailor the depth of consolidated information to your needs. In collaboration with our experienced specialist partners, we also offer a range of training, coaching and strategic advisory services.

These services have several complementary aims:

  • To raise awareness across the organisation of the problems associated with burnout
  • To collectively tackle the areas and problems specific to certain departments or teams
  • To optimise interpretation of the results provided by our reports
  • To assist and advise Risk Prevention Committees to create tailored prevention policies
  • To find existing market solutions capable of resolving internal challenges
  • To create a medium to long term plan for ongoing improvement in your organisation

Using our PBT and our specialist services, you are equipped with a comprehensive solution, guaranteeing burnout prevention within your organisation.

Table of services

PBT services Included Optional
Setup and management of run
Initial configuration and customisation of the questionnaire
Organisational meeting (run kick off)
Technical support during the run
Management of respondent support and treatment
Administrator access
Reporting (pdf) - Diagnosis
Reporting PREMIUM (pdf) - Diagnosis
Reporting SILVER (pdf) - Categorisation of risks
Reporting GOLD (pdf) - Categorisation of risks and breakdown by socio-demographic category
Data Analytics
Integration of multi-session view
Exporting of data to a reporting platform
Training PBT - Accreditation
Training PBT - Administrator
Other services provided by our network of partners Contact us for more details
One-to-one psychotherapy support sessions - burnout prevention (min 4 x 1.5 hours)
One-to-one coaching
Group coaching
Managerial and institutional coaching
Training on burnout prevention within companies
Conference on burnout in companies