Bright Link: University spin-off

Close collaboration with the Catholic University of Louvain

Years of academic and scientific research

Bright Link is a spin-off of UCL (Catholic University of Louvain).

Created in 2016 via the LTTO (Louvain Technology Transfer Office), the university’s business incubator, Bright Link was founded specifically to market the Preventing Burnout Test (PBT). 

Launched in 2013, the Preventing Burnout Test project brought together several experts from the Psychology and Social Sciences department (IPSY). The in-depth questionnaire was developed and finalised within the university.

International science committee

Since 2017, Bright Link has created an international science committee with the aim of developing insight into the measurement of psychosocial risk. 

The committee consists exclusively of academic scientists specialising in the subject.

Bright Link’s Story