Advantages for your clients

  • Provision of a new tool for preventing burnout within their organisation
  • Establishment of an effective risk prevention policy, which benefits both the management and staff
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Compatibility between existing services and the PBT service
  • Specialised and result-orientated support
  • A practical approach
  • More efficient one-to-one sessions, resulting from prior identification of the sources of the problem
  • Rapid access to preventative treatment

Advantages for HR service providers

  • Access to a practical and efficient tool, allowing you to expand the range of HR services you provide
  • Development of new one-to-one preventative support services
  • Development of new consultancy services concerning the creation of burnout prevention policies
  • Access to relevant information, enabling you to offer preventative advice tailored to the reality on the ground
  • A means of setting yourself apart from the competition, using an innovative tool
  • Improve the professionalism of your service with a reliable and scientifically designed tool
  • A starting point and vehicle for one-to-one interviews
  • Diagnosis prior to the first session
  • Rapid and automatic production of the diagnosis
  • Initial training, enabling you to improve your understanding of the sources of burnout
  • A rich and thorough questionnaire, enabling you to examine all factors contributing to burnout risk in minute detail
  • Provision of a valuable report, which serves as a basis for your support work
  • Use of a digital platform for storing sessions and diagnoses
  • A multilingual tool

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