A single objective :

Reconciling company performance with employee well-being

Bright Link

Over recent decades, society and the economy have undergone profound change

These changes are numerous and have a tangible impact on the daily lives of men and women in the workplace. 

  • Increasing virtualisation and digitisation of products and services
  • Globalisation and internationalisation of markets
  • Outsourcing of certain tools, production and distribution departments
  • Revision of company business models
  • Increase in the number of mergers and buyouts
  • Intensification of cost cutting policies
  • Unprecedented development of communication technologies 
  • Appearance of new portable devices
  • Emergence and influence of social media
  • Changes to the international geopolitical landscape

These simultaneously occurring changes place companies and their employees under increased pressure, demanding a high capacity for adaptation, and can sometimes have a considerable impact on the personal, emotional, professional and family stability of workers within an organisation.

The central role of “human” capital

Bright Link’s central belief, and the basis on which it was founded, is that human beings must remain at the forefront when tackling economic concerns. In addition to this moral aspect, we believe that human capital is an essential element in enabling businesses to ensure the constant innovation required to develop and set themselves apart from the competition, to deliver top quality customer service, and to resolve operational and strategic problems. If carefully managed, human capital is an essential lever of performance for all businesses and organisations.

Our objective

Bright Link’s objective and purpose is reconciling the performance of an organisation with the well-being of its employees. We strongly believe that a company or organisation performs better when its human capital is stable, positive, constructive and empowered to achieve ambitious targets, all of which is essential to the strategy and objectives of the organisation.

Our products and services adhere strongly to this belief, and enable companies and their employees to create an environment which reconciles the establishment of ambitious profitability targets with the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the people who work daily to achieve them.

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