The PBT questionnaire pre-emptively and anonymously identifies burnout risk within your organisation.

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Our reports: individual diagnosis and consolidated mapping of burnout risk within the organisation.

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The PBT score measures exposure to burnout risk throughout the entire organisation.

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A network of experts provides preventative support to at-risk individuals in order to avoid burnout.

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The PBT enables users to create a genuinely effective burnout prevention policy, beneficial to both staff and their employers.

The  PBT  questionnaire  pre-emptively  and  anonymously identifies burnout  risk  within  your  organisation  allowing  individuals  to connect  quickly  with  our  network  of  psychotherapists  and specialist  coaches  certified  in  burnout  prevention.  In  parallel with this,  the  PBT  also  provides  a  powerful  consolidated report

containing  objective,  relevant  and  precise  information  to  the risk  prevention  committee,  who  can  then  adjust  their  internal initiatives,  making  them  more  effective  and  better  suited  to  the specific  circumstances  of  your  organisation.

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Bright Link SA is a spin-off of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), which aims to reconcile company performance with employee well-being.

Using our product, the PBT (Preventing Burnout Test), we aim to prevent burnout in companies using a global analysis, which indicates the level of risk according to exhaustion type, indicator (stress source), and psychosocial risk factors.